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I currently try to get Squeak ported to a PowerPC-board with pre-installed Linux (MPC5200B tiny by Phytec). I have gathered some of the elements how to do that but I get stuck in composing them in the right way and this is where I'd like to ask for advice.

Here is my environment:

1) build-machine is a i686/Linux (Suse 10.1) with binutils for the PowerPC host

2) a directory with the Squeak-VM sources (Squeak-3.10-4.src.tar.gz)

Here are my actions:

1) I invoke .configure as it is explained in http://squeakvm.org/unix/devel.html:

cd buildPPCLx

../platforms/unix/config/configure --prefix=$HOME/smalltalk/squeak/Squeak-VM/Squeak-3.10-4/PPCLx --build=i686-pc-linux-gnu --host=powerpc-603e-linux-gnu

2) I get back an error message saying ''checking "size of int"... configure: error: cannot run test program while cross compiling ''

Here is my question:

1) some advices on the net say, I should run autoconf with a version greater than 2.53b to get rid of that problem,

2) others say I should set manually those values in configure.ac and rerun autoconf. They are host properties after all and cannot be tested on the build system,

3) I found one explicit explanation referring to the gumstix (http://www.davehylands.com/linux/gumstix/squeak/). But I do not want to follow these advices blindly as I do not fully understand their impact.

Any hint how to continue ?

Kind regards


Pascal Vollmer
Email: [hidden email]

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