problem while trying to add new videos to the Aida doc

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problem while trying to add new videos to the Aida doc

Hi all,

I was trying to add the videos in:


but for some reason, just after adding an empty space I got the two
videos deleted... I can see the previous version of the page in history,
but I don't know how to revert it (may be we should have a easier way to
undo mistakes), so if anyone can help me.

I'm making slow timid changes on the tutorial also, from a point of view
of a newbie, but a knowledgeable Aida person seeing if what I'm
understanding is right would be of great benefit. My idea is to follow a
progressive explanation in the same way of Dynamic Web Development with
Seaside, and HPI tutorial. They start with easy to understand code
examples that made progressively complex and go to refactoring of
methods. This approach seems really good, but has some variations on
style if we consider how the tutorial is written now, but hopefully this
will suit more people.


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