problems running demos in Croquet beta using linux (ubuntu breezy)

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problems running demos in Croquet beta using linux (ubuntu breezy)

Noble, Leigh    DR.      MATH
Hello list,

I'm having some trouble running even a basic demo in the new Croquet.
Can someone put me on the right track? I am using Ubuntu Breezy Linux
but am not a particularly great linux user. Here's what I've done:
1) I've downloaded the Croquet SDK Beta 1.0 and unzipped the .zip file.

2) I run it from a terminal window by typing:
$ ./

3) I enter "First Steps" and click on "Install Updates" where it reports
there are no updates to install.

4) I drag the Demo(Master) out of the objects bin and I see a red screen
which changes to light blue.
On the blue screen it says "Textures to load", counts down to 0, and the
text disappears. Then I am left with a blue screen and nothing
clouds, no avatar, nothing.

When I look back at my terminal it has the error:
SocketPlugin: ignoring unknown option 'SO_REUSEPORT'

5) I can quit from Croquet just fine.

Anyone have a similar experience?

There was no "INSTALL" script as reported in the "06.04.14 Croquet
Programming 1.0B.pdf" so I'm thinking there's something further I need
to setup in order to get the demos to run.

Any help would be appreciated,

--Leigh Noble