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Dominique Dutoit-2

According to Apple's documentation [1], keyDown: receives the correct value for the up arrow code. In the case of the keyStroke: event, it seems that the raw codes are translated by the VM to values corresponding to ascii characters. For example, if the the ] key is pressed, the keyDown: event key value is 30 but the keyStroke: event key value is 93 and (Character value: 93) returns $].

This effect is visible by modifying CroquetEvent>>keyValue:

keyValue: kval
        Transcript show: kval.
        keyValue := kval.

Now, by pressing and releasing any key, the Transcript will show three values: the first one if the value received on a key down event, the second on a key stroke and the third on a key up.

A possible way to handle key events across different platforms is to virtualize the codes just like Tweak does with the CPlatform subclasses and CKeyboardDispatchTable.