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David A Smith
Yes, postcards are the way to get where you want to go. Every object in a space can generate a postcard for you, which you can then use as a way to jump to wherever that object is in the space. Even the space itself can make a postcard for you.

To jump to a new space you need to hand the non-replicated part of the avatar - the avatarUser the postcard of where you want to go using #newPostcard: and give it a transform for where it should be with #newTransform:. This generates a new TAvatarReplica in the new space. If the space has a default avatar, it will be added to the replica, and you can add your own as well using TAvatarUser>>#loadAvatar:.

This is one of the more complicated things to do, because you have to inject new content into an existing replicated Island. This can only be done via an external future message (provided by the TAvatarUser). Of course, grabbing the TPostcard requires that you already know the name of the target TFrame that you want to jump to  in the new space. I will look into simplifying this a bit.