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Christophe Rettien
I made the changes you suggested but I am still having a problem with scamper, it is not possible to jump to links from a displayed page. Scamper acts as a one-shot display.
Am I doing something wrong ?
In :
BaseWorld subclass: #MyScape1
        instanceVariableNames: ''
        classVariableNames: ''
        poolDictionaries: ''
        category: 'NewScapes-Worlds'
I have :
        | space sky floor |

        space := TSpace new.
        space registerGlobal: #mainEntry.
        self makeLight: space.
        floor := self makeFloor: space fileName: 'checker.bmp'.
        floor extentX: 400 y:0.5 z: 400.
        sky := TSkyBox new initializeWithFileName: 'JUL'.
        sky step. "get going"
        space addChild: sky.

        self makeScamper: space.

makeScamper: sp
        | win morphic url |

        url := ''.
        morphic := self makeMorphic: (MessageSend
                        receiver: MorphicWorldHost
                        selector: #makeWebPage:extent:from:
                        arguments: {url})
                        extent: 512@512.

        win := TWindow new.
        win translationX: 12 y: 0.0 z: -16.0.
        win rotationAroundY: -75.
        win contents: morphic.
        win closeContents.
        sp addChild: win.

With this code, google displays ok, I can type my search string fine. Now things get confusing when trying to hit the 'search' link. The arrow pointer does turn into a hand cursor when moving over a hyperlink but a click mostly selects the text and rarely triggers the expected 'jump' feature.
Any idea ?