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re:The Wiki is dead! Long live the Wiki!

David Faught
As it turns out, the old Croquet wiki at wasn't really dead, just out of commision for a while (thanks for getting it back Mark!).  It will still go away permanently at some point.

Although much of the content there only applied to the old Jasmine release of Croquet, some of it may still apply to the new Croquet SDK 1.0 Beta.  If you are interested in any of the old content, please pull it off now while you can.

One of the potential homes for content that still has some validity is the new Croquet wiki, referenced below.  You must sign up to be a registered user on the new wiki, so some of the vandalism problems with the old wiki are avoided.

David Faught said:
>The old (Jasmine) Croquet Wiki at Georgia Tech has died. They
>announced some time ago that they could no longer support it, and
>it would be going away. Someone must have finally tripped over
>the cord. As far as I know, the content is gone.
>The NEW Croquet Wiki, as linked to by the
> "Croquet Links" page, is at: