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David Faught
Howard Stearns wrote:

>Am I crazy, or is #driveStep being sent over the wire pretty much
>as often as possible? Is that what we want?
>CroquetParticipant>>step => CroquetHarness>>step =>
>TAvatarUser>>updateUser => replica future driveStep.
>CroquetHarness>>renderWorld => TAvatarUser>>driveStep => replica
>future driveStep.

It does seem a bit excessive to do both the Morphic world step driven driveStep AND the render driven driveStep.  Have you tried taking one at a time out and see what happens?

>The only replicated implementation of #driveStep does
>#stillAlive, #drive, and #fall.
>I don't get why the latter two aren't done done with a completely
>on-island temporal loop (no network traffic), and the #stillAlive
>futureSent from the TAvatarUser like once a second or so.

I'm curious about this also because I will need to change the way this works for a project I am thinking about.  I think that the Morphic world (CroquetParticipant) step-driven driveStep basically IS the futureSent #stillAlive, and the other two methods will HAVE to be completely on-island for what I have in mind.

Maybe it would make some sense to get completely away from the Morphic world step mechanism and use all future sends, even at the most basic level ???