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re:loading Contributions updates?

J. Christopher Six
Howard Stearns wrote:

>What's the right order to load stuff from the Contributions
>hedgehog repository?
>Starting from the SDK Beta release, it looks like Chat, MenuUI,
>Vehicles, MotionCapture, and ThumbtackAnnotations are all now
>cyclically dependent on each other in load-order.
>Can someone tell me an order that works? I was able to load only
>the versions of packages through July or August (starting at
>MotionCapture), but I wasn't able to find a satisfying order for
>newer versions.

I'm experiencing these problems as well and haven't found a solution. Does anyone have this worked out yet?

On a related issue, are the split OpenGL packages in the Hedgehog RC repository meant to replace the existing OpenGL package? Are they usable yet, and if so, what's the proper upgrade procedure?