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Eliot Miranda-2
Hi All,

    I find myself using something like this to copy methods across hierarchies:

[:s| | class |
self halt.
class := CogVMSimulator whichClassIncludesSelector: s.
StackInterpreterSimulator recompile: s from: class.
StackInterpreterSimulator organization classify: s under: (class whichCategoryIncludesSelector: s)] value: #printStringOf:on:.

because if one simply does recompile:from: and the selector doesn't exist in the target then one ends up with a hidden selector; it's in the method dictionary but because it isn't in the organization it doesn't show in the browser or in Monticello etc.

The rationale for not having recompile:from: check the organization is a good one; when recompiling a class that has changed shape (had inst vars added or removed) we don't want to waste cycles checking something redundant. So how about having ClassDescription>>recompile:from: doing the check if the receiver doesn't equal the argument class, e.g.:

ClassDescription>>recompile: selector from: oldClass
"Preserve the originalTraitMethod (if any) after recompiling a selector"
| oldMethod |
oldMethod := oldClass compiledMethodAt: selector.
super recompile: selector from: oldClass.
oldMethod originalTraitMethod ifNotNil:
(self compiledMethodAt: selector) originalTraitMethod: traitMethod].
(self ~~ oldClass
and: [(organization numberOfCategoryOfElement: selector) = 0]) ifTrue:
[organization classify: selector under: (oldClass whichCategoryIncludesSelector: oldClass)]

best, Eliot