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David T. Lewis
After confirming that they have been merged to Etoys trunk, I was in the
process of mov EToys-jl.210, EToys-jl.222, EToys-jl.223, EToys-jl.224,
EToys-jl.225, EToys-jl.226, EToys-jl.230, EToys-jl.231, and EToys-jl.235
from the inbox to the treated inbox, using the web interface to

I was able to move several of these, but response times and timeouts on seemed to get progressively worse as I proceeded. Right
now, the web interface is timing out for me on most operations, and I cannot
do anything further with respect to moving the files.

Most likely the server will come back to normal in its own good time, but
if not, this note is to explain what was happening that led up the the