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speeding through wiki backend wondered...

Paul Sheldon-2
There's a speech recognition front end and it has intermediate producing,
not words, but rather phonetic symbols.

I was visiting using croquet with a friend.
To fascilitate hookup, I tried macintosh audio chat and it crashed.
I bug reported to Apple and they went into private stuff, I suppose, about
my click the button bug report. They are going to do iChat theater,
could that have anything whatsoever to do with readers theater?
Only starstruck storytellers may wonder about such things.


Then my friend tried turning on audio chat
in croquet and croquet crashed. I suspect something I might foolishly call
bandwidth processor thread hog stealing semaphors (I don't know this stuff,
I'm just telling stories).

Well, what if there were a phonetic intermediary along with the reverse,
speech synthesis. Would that have a bandwidth processor thread
hog stealing semaphors?

To make the question less rediculous, if you take the "time space tradeoff"
that Matske liked to call it at Texas Instruments, but which I reword
to sound less Star Trek, processor time vs. bandwidth or disk space,
on the side of processor hog instead, would that make the chat not crash?

Only developers might someday know for sure.

I'm not of that rank yet.

Now, a public thanks, Bert.