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Chun, Sungjin
OK, I'll respond on this email.

On Windows, when I run Squeak VM with -headless option, even if multiple(4) file
upload session is running, the system is very responsive. But if I run image with regular
fashion(without -headless option), which means Squeak with its own window(sorry for
my poor description), even single file upload from fast connection can make my
sysetm(laptop) unresponsive.

I suspect Windows scheduling algorithm or something like that does schedule applications
differently from windowless application to application with window. But I'm not sure on this :-)

So, for me, Squeak + Swazoo is good, acceptable platform for file upload/download service.

Thank you.

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   Sent: 08-07-29 16:38:10
   Subject: Re: [Swazoo-devel] Faster connection makes system unrespons ive

  I'm sending to the squeak mailing list too, because this Swazoo on
Squeak problem is interesting more broadly.

S.J.Chun wrote:

> Hmm, it seems that I write too many messages :-)
> I found another interesting thing(which seems good for me). Only on windows, this problem
> occurs. Which means that on other platform like Linux or Mac OS X, I can upload 2 or more
> files concurrently but the system does not show any noticeable problem. And interesting part
> is that also on windows, if I run squeak as a headless application or as a service application,
> it does not make the system unresponsive. It seems that my previous problem is related to
> scheduling on Windows.
> So, it seems that I could make my file upload/download server using Squeak + Swazoo without
> big problems.
> Thank you. I hope my tons of messages can help anyone who might have same kind of problem
> like me.(If not, I'm sorry for many uninteresting posts from me).
Thank goes to you first and foremost and reporting all experiences you
had is very worthwhile. Your experience shows possible problems with
Swazoo on Squeak on Vista (or Windows in general) when image runs
headfull, is that true?

So, what's now a difference if you run headless or headfull, when Squeak
GUI doesn't work at all anyway?


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>    Subject: [Swazoo-devel] Faster_connection_makes_system_unrespons ive_(WAS:_Re:__Swazoo_2.2beta_show_impressive_pe rformance_for_large_file_uploading)
>   As my previous messages said, with faster network connection attached,
> the system become unresponsive even with single file upload(100Mbit/1000Mbit).
> I suspect that squeak cannot process this input stream faster enough or swazoo
> cannot process. Even my laptop does not have faster disk drive it is not accessed
> continuously so I don't think slow disk makes problem.
> How can I improve current situation, are there any parameter to be modified?

Janko Mivšek
Smalltalk Web Application Server