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Here is the extract from the stack overflow I have been getting:

0xffccf8dc M DBXConnection>close -1174759308: a(n) DBXConnection
0xffccf8fc M DBXPostgresBackend(DBXBackend)>errorCode:on: -1174759384: a(n) DBXPostgresBackend
0xffccf91c M DBXPostgresBackend(DBXBackend)>verifyError:on: -1174759384: a(n) DBXPostgresBackend
0xffccf940 M DBXPostgresBackend(DBXBackend)>releaseResultSet:connection: -1174759384: a(n) DBXPostgresBackend
0xffccf960 M DBXPostgresBackend(DBXBackend)>releaseResultSet: -1174759384: a(n) DBXPostgresBackend
0xffccf97c M DBXPostgresBackend(DBXBackend)>releaseAllQueryResultSets: -1174759384: a(n) DBXPostgresBackend
0xffccf998 M DBXResultSet>releaseResult -1174652036: a(n) DBXResultSet
0xffccf9b0 M DBXConnection>releasePreviousResult -1174759308: a(n) DBXConnection
0xffccf9c8 M DBXConnection>close -1174759308: a(n) DBXConnection

Milan Mimica