start of the begining of a Fortran-to-MSE parser

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start of the begining of a Fortran-to-MSE parser

Nicolas Anquetil
Since we got a question on this recently, I hereby annouce that for a
local project, I started a Fortran to MSE parser.

- because this is an "easy" path, it is based on PTP, an Eclipse plugin
for Fortran (similar to parsing java with JDT and C/C++ with CDT)

- it is in a very preliminary state (proof of concept). Don't expect
off-the-shelf installation and use

- tied to a specific version of Eclipse, ask details if interested

- currently only identifies sub-programs (and functions) and their
invocations + global variables and their accesses

code available at:


Nicolas Anquetil
RMod team -- Inria Lille

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