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Calvin Hall
No more scam or bullshit companies.
Look at charts and ask your broker about:

Ventana Medical Systems

Ventana Receives FDA Approval on Pathway

Thursday January 18, 10:08 am ET
Ventana Medical Systems Receives FDA Approval for Breast Cancer Detection Test

TUCSON, Ariz. (AP) -- Ventana Medical Systems Inc., a maker of tissue and slide preparation systems used in drug development, said Wednesday it received Food and Drug Administration approval on a new antibody.
The company received the approval for its Pathway Her-2/neu (4B5) Rabbit Monoclonal Antibody as an aid in assessing breast cancer patients being considered for treatment with Herceptin. It is also approved for use on the Ventana Image Analysis System.
Herceptin is a cancer treatment made by Genentech Inc. It targets HER-2, which causes breast cancer cells to grow more rapidly. The approved Pathway antibody is intended to detect the presence of the HER-2 antigen.

Get in before most traders hear about this awesome news!  VMSI has just made an announcement which, once the investment community hears about it, is going to send the issue rise!  Read on to find why we are so excited!