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suggestion for the category chooser

Stéphane Ducasse

I think that the category chooser could be improved to avoid to have  
to type twice the category.
Right now
        if I want to create a category I have to know up front whether it  
exist or not
        then I have to select new if it does not
        else if naively I type the new cat the ui tells me well that it is  
not defined
        but in such a case I have to retype it.

The solution could be
        remove the fact that for new category we have to press new...
        when the user enter the category whether it matches or not return the  
        that the user entered modulo with its matched string in the list.

This way as a user I do not have to choose upfront.
I want to create a cat
        I either select on the list
        or I type and there is one which I can select
        or I type and there is none in the list so we get a new one the I  


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