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Re: slip in LargeIntegers >> normalizePositive: 0 replies Squeak VM
Re: slip in LargeIntegers >> normalizePositive: 5 replies Squeak VM
Re: Status of LargeIntegersPlugin 1 reply Squeak VM
Re: Double-> String and String -> Double 5 replies VisualWorks
Re: [vwnc] DLLCC typedef trouble... 1 reply VisualWorks
[vwnc] DLLCC typedef trouble... 2 replies VisualWorks
[vwnc] [BUG] copyToHeap: 1 reply VisualWorks
Re: [vwnc] Some history on Collection>>remove:[ifAbsent:] 0 replies VisualWorks
Re: [PATCH] fix FloatQ reading 1 reply Gnu
Re: [vwnc] Exception comparing LargeNegativeInteger to Float 0 replies VisualWorks
[bug] FloatQ do not read like they print (et vice et versa) 2 replies Gnu
[bug] FloatQ pi is not the extended precision nearest pi 1 reply Gnu
[bug] 0 raisedTo: 0 homogeneity 2 replies Gnu
[bug] LargePositiveInteger asFloat: does not round correctly 2 replies Gnu
[bug] Float rounded is inexact 1 reply Gnu
Re: Installing Rio on Win32 0 replies Squeak - Beginners
Re: Installing Rio on Win32 2 replies Squeak - Beginners
Re: Object references 1 reply Squeak - Beginners
[squeak-dev] Re: floats 0 replies Squeak - Dev
Re: Fun avec les types 0 replies Old French Squeak Archive
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