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Thales is looking for a UI expert in Smalltalk and Pharo :) 21 replies ESUG
Re: Pharo days 2017 at Lille: block the dates 18/19 of May 0 replies ESUG
Pharo days 2017 at Lille: block the dates 18/19 of May 1 reply ESUG
Fwd: Looking for Developer (Gemstone) in Hamburg, Germany 0 replies ESUG
PharoDays 2017.... poll for dates 0 replies ESUG
Re: looking for jobs 1 reply ESUG
Re: Where is Camp Smalltalk in Prague today? 2 replies ESUG
Praha social event 7 replies ESUG
What to taste in Prague 0 replies ESUG
Draft of ESUG schedule ready 0 replies ESUG
Looking for somebody for doing the ESUG prague logo? 0 replies ESUG
24rd International Smalltalk Joint Conference - Call for Contributions 0 replies ESUG
Re: [Vm-dev] [Pharo-dev] strange array instance 1 reply Squeak - Dev
Why you should follow the Pharo mooc :) 0 replies ESUG
smart Smalltalker and more available :) 0 replies ESUG
PDF4Smalltalk 1.4 release 0 replies ESUG
Seaside / .Net Job 0 replies ESUG
We are looking for smalltalk developers in US. 0 replies ESUG
ESUG 2015 Early registration is 1st of June 0 replies ESUG
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