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Paul Sheldon-2
My first title was so specific it "lost glitz" :
mac user learns non aqua interface of blender in DMU course

Most of anyone left reading this title on this list would say that is so esoteric. It is not!!

In Gallway's inner games books, you want to get the critical self out of the way of homo ludens learning. That is not esoteric, that is generic.

I am writing words to break out of the boxing in concept that you can't teach an old dog new tricks. That is generic.

Waysayers said mac users would never like the non aqua interface and I assume that interface is not merely a prescription for a shine on buttons but user interface guidelines on desktop metaphors being consistant to old mac dog's experience. I'm not sure blender is for an old pc dog either.

Old computer platform dogs learning new tricks at gestures is going back to a child modality as learning to drive or play a video game, learning controller gestures, not symbolically, but first by visually and by doing. That is generic.

"Switchers" are child modality, learning to play. That is breaking out of the box of market capture into your own system's design. That is generic.

I try to put the tricks that I, an old mac dog, have just learned from Americo. I write this partly to gain confidence by affirming publicly that I learned.

Here is a rough cut at gesture abstractions I learned (sadly hammered into words out of seeing and doing). The following short gestalts pretend to be symbolic briefs to get one past your own exhausting operant behavior, but may be merely symbolic afterthoughts to anchor the ideas in me. I hope the anchor is "generic".

Click and drag then unclick to end gesture replaced by mouseover, a keyboard letter, drag and click to end.

Keyboard modifiers might not be simultaneous but rather in sequence, assuming simultaneous gets confusing behavior, eg. rotation.

I am going to check out a motion capture laboratory tomorrow that is integrated with seneludens, in a sense, teaching old folks to be able to relearn driving a car. The overriding concept on what makes learning this stuff hard for older more routinized people is they have to relearn anticipatory reflexes. I believe old folks characteristically Jungian project their fault at having forgotten how to learn this on the notion of playing games (playing the stock market or investments is but a pale shadow of this child modality of playing the universe or a bass with the right self).