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[tode_st] Critical `cls rename` fix

Dale Henrichs-3
Paul and Richard,

Yesterday I realized that I had broken the `cls rename` command by removing the `bedit` implementation (bulk edit) that allowed you to edit all of the code that referenced the old class name with the new class name. After pulling down the latest master (you can use the `project list` pull menu item) and loading (using the load menu item), you will need to do the following to install the commands:

  eval `TDStandardTool initializeTools`

Here's the commit log for the other fixes/updates you will be getting as well:

edaf94b 20 hours ago restore bedit tool to standard build ... ABSOLUTELY needed for `cls rename` ...
d3fa4ae 21 hours ago add a couple of useful menu items to TDGitRawHistoryBrowser:
71bb2e7 2 days ago about time I added the `edit:` method to object ...
8a54808 3 days ago fix up mv logic for proxy/gateway/filesystem leaf node
fe29c83 3 days ago a bit more work getting the cp/proxy/gateway/filesystem eco system in shape
9322c2b 3 days ago fix bugs in `cp` command when target and destination are the same node (and the target/destination is a proxy)
315e133 4 days ago with this change remote breakpoints are "working" ... the breakpoint continuation is dropped into ObjectLog, but the Breakpoint resume: method returns a nil ... need to be able to continue breakpoint exception without having nil sneak in ... this might be GemStone 3.2 bug?
f6d9c49 4 days ago add pid filter to `ol view` command ... add tracking to TDDebugTool class>>sendSetOrClearBreakPointSignal: to see how remote debugging is working
ab47b29 4 days ago tweak `ol view` entry layout ... truncate the label so timestamp is still easily visible
4ff8c32 4 days ago lost `install` call when I added the remote breakpoint initialize method
4cfaf65 4 days ago potpourri
389c6e3 4 days ago hook up remote breakpoints mechanism to tODE...still needs testing ...
d791887 4 days ago add TDProcessTool>>psKillAll  ...
6e4ab3a 5 days ago expand the `test` command api a bit ...
ee03f43 5 days ago fix `pf view` browser ... capture stack on bu error and do not fail test ... problems running backups automatically when sessions are severely limited
9706a28 5 days ago implement `create new package` in working copy browser ... bugfix for `project rehome`
2614a49 5 days ago implement `project rehome` command
54b5660 5 days ago add `deploy` option (auto|bulk|none) to `project load` command (and api)
f6b8c9a 5 days ago should be able to edit the project file for a non-metacllo project (git only)
1033d4b 5 days ago cmdKeysInText is not the method that you are looking for...
8c03bb1 5 days ago Issue #75: looks like we might want to enable CTL key for non-mac platforms
92f5cf4 6 days ago missing method resetCacheDirectoryIfInvalid ...
e437775 6 days ago Issue #56: clean up session and close windows on startup
df042b6 6 days ago package history needs to use package name plus branch to target the correct directory
553e798 6 days ago allow for filtering new interaction priority
9fe0d27 6 days ago Issue #71: all "browser" windows should have meaningful window labels
1725f7d 6 days ago Merge branch 'dev'
ec9e155 6 days ago Issue #39: tweaks to debugger when attached to a continuation
ea09479 6 days ago remove TDObjectLog and TDObjectLogElementBuilder as they are no longer used
f901cc7 6 days ago implement `attach` menu item in `ol view` for debugging continuations
78f86a8 7 days ago first cut at pass re-implement `ol` command
0bdabb5 7 days ago finalize implementation of `Configuration > load version` menu item in project list...
93ce10d 7 days ago implement `Configuration > load` menu item ...
0851c9a 7 days ago Issue #79: final fix ...
59dfe1e 7 days ago Issue #79: proposed fix ...
774dd61 7 days ago Issue #77: final set of changes to seal the deal
da0d66d 7 days ago issue #77: partial fix ... server-side changes returing true/false in response to text `accept`
97b7ca6 7 days ago client element source: now returns true/false
b34c094 7 days ago add `Git > reset` menu item to project list
27f0542 7 days ago add commits to apprpriate menu items in project list
e9980e6 7 days ago fix CMD-L in Categories list
2fab000 7 days ago bump version for grins
af3119a 7 days ago no longer doing an initializeBounds during load
c14030c 7 days ago strip out the code associated with the (now) ancient session map stuff and the (recently) ancient window layout code ... the topezclient class now holds onto the window property so that we can provide that to the user for making changes or use it to automatically re-scale the layout if the screen is re-sized
30af33f 8 days ago Merge branch 'dev'

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