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[tode_st] cranking tODE up again

Dale Henrichs-3
Weeeeelllllll, it turns out that I got pretty buried in work for GemStone 3.2, but once we shipped3.2  at the beginning of the month, I have buckled down and hit tODE pretty hard with almost 200 commits to tODE and almost a 100 commits to webEditionHome (getting started docs for tODE and GemStone) since May 2[1]....

The upshot is that I expect to be able to make tODE available as an open alpha in a couple of weeks. 

Paul DeBruicker and Richard Sargent have volunteered to take tODE for a pre-alpha spin and we met earlier tonight to get them going

I still have a handful of "must have issues"[2] that need to be addressed before i'm ready for an open alpha, but I'm feeling pretty good about the stability and functionality and when that list drops close to zero I'll be willing to help folks dip their toes in tODE.


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