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Dale Henrichs-3
This set of changes is in support of the imminent GsDevKit release...


c7824d3 16 hours ago debugMode == true means bring up a debugger (TDTopezGemStoneClient>>installTode:forceGLASSInstall: had it wrong)
453edea 2 days ago finishing touches on project entry creation script and command support...
ca6bd82 2 days ago Merge branch '7f679e0_merge_69c2526' into dev
3f75b89 2 days ago temp branch (7f679e0_merge_69c2526) for merge from 7f679e0 to dev(69c2526)
69c2526 2 days ago make it possible to evaluate Smalltalk expressions on server ... side effects are more important that return value
7f679e0 3 days ago implement TDProjectEntryDefinition>>printOn: for project entries ... support for project entry creation script...
6dd919d 3 days ago add batchMode to TDShell ... tode client will NOT swap out the Transcript client forwarder in batch mode ... ultimately provide a means for choosing whether Transcript output should show up in client or not
8decb32 3 days ago clean up the client-side interaction when client is run in headless mode
ac52788 3 days ago allow for turning on debugMode when running non-console evaluations
dccd28e 4 days ago TDMetacelloTool>>projectRegistrationDefinitionMap locking copies the registration, so locked projectEntry needs to replace registration in the map:
ddd00e9 4 days ago work on `project load` implementation
1b6b576 6 days ago shorten TDMetacelloTool>>projectLoad:doGet:gsDeployer:selector:repositoryDescription:className:loads:version:onConflict:onDowngrade:onLock:onUpgrade:ignoreImage:silently:cacheRepository:repositoryOverrides: so that git repo can be used on windows
4eadb47 6 days ago implement --lock option for updateClient builtin
2d4d09e 7 days ago more parallel GsDevKit and  Web Edition Root work... until web edition is retired ...
38b6398 8 days ago change TDSessionDescription>>editTemplate ... add comment to remind user to exectue session to save to disk .. remove testLogin at end
b484d4c 8 days ago add 'Define  Dev Kit root' tode menu item in parallel with the Web Edition Root ... until web edition is retired ...
b5b54de 8 days ago prepare for changes in gsDevKit structure

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