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Dale Henrichs-3
Resolved the final set of issues revolving around the shortcut key mapping problems I was having with Pharo3.0:
 - CMD-* works on Mac
 - CTL-* works on Linux
 - ALT-* works on Windows (If windows users want CTL-* to work I think that it is possible)

The Object Shell console should pretty much behave like a REAL console/terminal window
  - paste and keyboard input appended to end
  - intra-line editting allowed
  - cut disallowed
  - menu created

77273c3 3 hours ago Merge branch 'dev'
cb092cb 6 hours ago well....CTL-x keys now work on linux
43d268f 11 hours ago point to dev kit
5cd7062 11 hours ago Merge branch 'dev'
11057ee 12 hours ago there is no cut in console
72ebd24 12 hours ago Merge branch 'dev' of github.com:dalehenrich/tode into dev
a4b07cd 12 hours ago add tracing to TDShellClsCommandTests>>testAccessors01
7212d99 13 hours ago clean up some problems in the new implementors/senders code
9e075a0 23 hours ago console is finally looking like a real console ...
23615f8 24 hours ago implement console menu ...
722af81 26 hours ago get keystrokes under control I think (test on linux tomorrow):
c5396ea 27 hours ago now I should have linux covered
91d8fbe 27 hours ago restore operation of CMD-c in the console window (on mac at least)

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