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Dale Henrichs-3
implementation of `project entry` command to match recent tODE video (details on video tomorrow), plus some fine tuning of command behavior


commit log:
f4d6e96 2 hours ago add most recent video [ci skip]
e04245d 2 hours ago fix typo [ci skip]
ba3b9c0 2 hours ago Merge branch 'dev' of github.com:dalehenrich/tode into dev
aca094f 2 hours ago add a videos page
32b62f1 10 hours ago UnorderedCollections viewed as array (inspected as internal structure)
7519ac8 10 hours ago reset globals for SHOUT after project load...
aa5b239 10 hours ago tweak project entry man page and fix a man page bug
b432e45 14 hours ago The projectPath for TDProjectEntryDefinition can be set at scan time ...
103f281 35 hours ago - rename `project new` to `project entry`. - update the `project entry` man page - fix up some minor bugs in the TDManPage implementation
10bda8b 3 days ago - `project new` will create nodes in path - gateway nodes needed a bit of love
ec84a7b 4 days ago newly created project entry should be active
fc5ce8c 4 days ago `project new` command for creating new project entries...
f766580 4 days ago - unregister unloaded project registrations - allow lock specification in the project entry ... forces   lock of the project spec
2e21c8c 4 days ago make `project list` immune to missing /home directory.
ebe537c 5 days ago identify locked/unloaded projects
ee220fc 7 days ago improve TDSessionDescription template code

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