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Dale Henrichs-3
The scripts in webEditionHome/dev/tode/home were not quite up to snuff, so I've refreshed the list in the home directory to include seaside, zinc and tode ... via the project list you can load seaside and zinc into image (tode is already there) and there is ~/seaside/webServer script that you can use to start/stop/restart a zinc, fastcgi, or swazoo web server vm... I've tested this with zinc:) 

I've done a fresh install of tODE into a virgin seaside extent, installed seaside and started a zinc server and that all seems to be working ... but these days, I seem to have the midas touch:)

I also adjusted the tODE install script to use the master branch of Metacello, since I just did a push this morning ...


58a039a 72 seconds ago Merge branch 'dev'
b808d58 4 minutes ago refreshExtent script added ... reworked default home directory with projects that are functional ... seaside, zinc and tODE ...
4a9cd9e 5 hours ago Use master branch for Metacello and use GsDeployer for loads.

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