[tode_st] new versions of webEditionHome and tODE_0.0.2-p1.4.app pushed

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[tode_st] new versions of webEditionHome and tODE_0.0.2-p1.4.app pushed

Dale Henrichs-3
Richard and Paul,

I've done some more work over the weekend. The main work involved changing how the layouts are defined:

  - font independent layouts, so you can choose a layout and then change fonts without
    having to monkey with fonts at the same time
  - created an alternate layout with slightly different shapes ... mainly added for smaller displays
    and/or larger fonts
  - moved some of the client directories around
  - updated getting started doc

So the new release of webEditionHome has the new changes including the new layouts ... When you decide to update clentt/server to a newer version, you should:

  1. merge the new webEditionHome 
  2. update the client only (`Update tODE client` menu item)
  3. define the `Web Edition Root` (formerly tODE Home)
  4. reset menu
  5. update the server (`tODE update` menu item)

I think I've cleaned up the main problems that showed up on Friday in the one-click and I've pushed a new one-click for Pharo1.4 (0.0.2). I assume that Richard and I will take this one for a spin tomorrow or so.

There's only one real bugfix on the server side, so there's no hurry to update ... but when you do, you'll need to follow these directions ... 

If you have problems drop me a line.


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