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[tode_st] "final" master merge before pre-alpha release ...

Dale Henrichs-3
With this merge I finished off the outstanding "must have" issues[1]. Most of the work involved cleaning up internal infrastructure, for example, the whole keymapping scheme was cleaned up on both the client and server, the keymapping scheme is simply driven by the menu specifications, so there are no "hidden" keymappings, every short cut key can be determined by looking at the menu and new short cut key mappings can be defined by specifying the shortcut in a menu .. going hand in hand with this is the fact that I've finished implementing a full complement of menu items for all of the tools ... finally, I created a test brower tool for running tests ..

As tODE stands today it is "fully functional". I submitted a post[2] to the GLASS list earlier today where I discuss the pre-alpha release ... In a nutshell, I still have a fair amount of documentation to finish before unleashing tODE on unsuspecting users, but if you are using git and GLASS today, you should consider taking tODE for a spin and try out the git integration.

If you plan on upgrading tODE, you should use the 'tODE Update' menu item (at least that's the mode I tested) ... 


386722a 5 minutes ago Merge branch 'dev'
447316b 5 hours ago Issue #74: implement the full complement of method menu items ...
44c8039 10 hours ago Issue #74: all class-related menu items implemented
7478ee5 20 hours ago Issue #74: checkpoint
4a62a72 23 hours ago Issue #86: implemented `tODE Edit >> session description name` menu item ...
08cc66a 23 hours ago Issue #91: `test class`, `test project`, `test package` and `test suite` hooked up to the test browser
e32c7a5 24 hours ago fix Issue #93: log to transcript any import errors when importing session descriptions and carry on ...
6f11fa0 24 hours ago Issue #94: proposed bugfix
345e695 27 hours ago Issue #94: checkpoint
eb87acd 27 hours ago wrap interactive prompts at 80 characters to avoid infinitely wide error messages and warnings
58aa7e0 28 hours ago remove formatOnAccept and formatOnDisplay from client elements
bcf553c 28 hours ago removing formatOnAccept and formatOnDisplay logic from TodeClientSourceElement ... that has been handled on the server side fo rsome time now ...starting on Issue #94
f75d3e9 28 hours ago Issue #95: proposed bugfix
2f35f09 2 days ago more "survive unloaded project" code
3a8bbdc 3 days ago fiddle with TDMetacelloHybridRegistrationDefinition>>workingCopies  to survive an unloaded project...
40d1a85 3 days ago when GLASS1 loads, need to handle Warnings ... interaction handling bootstrap
a231445 3 days ago clean up the installation script and make it cross platform
877c8de 3 days ago update travisCI.st to reflect the latest install script strategy
6a93b6f 3 days ago add direct Metacello repository... locks will be used to control which GLASS1 and Metacello repositories are used during install
201275c 3 days ago tODE depends directly on GLASS1
0cfeae7 5 days ago get git log for unloaded git projects .... record FileTree dependendency ... bump up number of git log entries retrieved
1416a35 6 days ago Issue #91: fix poll for done loop logic in TDTestBrowser
b98fc44 6 days ago patch when removing configurations
070f09d 6 days ago Issue #92: minor fix ... good to go
b68262f 6 days ago Issue #92: get started on fix
ea5e78c 7 days ago hybrid packages/dirty packages listing
b388a7f 7 days ago hybrid project repositories ...
93c20fc 7 days ago clean up the project get logic so that the specified version is preserved ...
df64b83 7 days ago a couple more tweaks for handling hybrid projects
2af533c 7 days ago Issue #96: remove halt ...
1ced746 7 days ago Issue #96: first cut at fixing this issue ...
e3c4dfe 7 days ago extended notion of hyrid project to unloaded projects ... preparing for clone of hybrid repository ...
dded57c 8 days ago more hybrid project support
d8c55f9 8 days ago enable baseline and configuration for unloaded hybrid projects
3c9887b 9 days ago pick up Object>>sunitChanged:  ... needed for test browser
33d2389 9 days ago Issue #91: add tracing to object log when running tests (sync with Zn logging) ... commit when saving source (was not routed through `accept` menu item ... yikes)
6a60675 10 days ago fixed up workspace formatter to my requirements ... mainly a leading comment and allow a lonely comment
e8e9284 10 days ago - working on fixing  disappearing comments for workspaces (comment   no statements) - adding RBWorkspaceNode as extenstion to RB AST... - clean up workspace code so that it's possible for workspace to   correctly access temps and args for debugger context - debugger context browse class and browse full cleaned up
458c31f 11 days ago name the process list window ... only need one
5751363 13 days ago Issue #91: tweak test browser
c6cac62 13 days ago Issue #91: internal restructuring and support for rerunning different test result sets
57e252c 13 days ago Issue #91: arrange to disable tests that are failing on uprpose for testing the test browser...
f25f55d 13 days ago Issue #91: add `debug` and `browse full` menu items to test browser
219916a 13 days ago Issue #91: first cut at test browser tool ... hooked into `project list` at the moment ...
65e7d43 13 days ago re-enable `browse full` (CMD-B) in all of the usual places by (correctly) adding classMenuActionSpec to menus and correctly enabling the proper menu items...
46927ec 2 weeks ago Issue #74:class/method/object menu monkey business
ac11c60 2 weeks ago Issue #74: enable/disable class menu items
8bdcb04 2 weeks ago Issue #75: re-enable pasteInitials functionality
e0c9956 2 weeks ago Issue #74: sketch out class menu ...
c187a7b 2 weeks ago fix load script error
cde1393 2 weeks ago looks like tODE now requires a version later than released metacello preview version
c977e52 2 weeks ago some tracing to determine source of travis-ci errors
6990058 2 weeks ago Issue #74: finish up (really!) search menu items for method text ... text window menus should all be functional now...
7324971 2 weeks ago Issue #75: delete no longer used methods; Issue #74: additional work for text window search methods
f29d9ea 2 weeks ago Issue #74: infant mortality...
7425708 2 weeks ago Issue #74: text editor `Browse > *` menu items are all functional

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