[tode_st] the joys of being able to view method versions from perspective of git ...

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[tode_st] the joys of being able to view method versions from perspective of git ...

Dale Henrichs-3
For a few weeks now I've had the ability to drill into the git versions of method ( method file versions, class and package directores) and tonight I was able to track down a tough metacello problem by first drilling down through the git version to find the sha of the commit that created the method (I knew that the behavior of Metacello had changed and I suspected this method but I wasn't sure what had happened back when it changed ... 1 year and 12 days ago:)

Anyway from the sha I was able to pick up all of the changes that were associated with that commit (all using menus and views within tode) and by looking at the collection of changes, I saw that a particular message had been replaced by the new one but the implementation details of the old message were not carried forward and voila ...

method versions only go back as far as the image is alive and a year ago I was using a completely different version of GemStone to do development ...


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