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Dale Henrichs-3
With this update, you should be using the lastest metacello-work:issue_238 (to pick up the #useNew change) ... this should happen automatically when you use the `TODE >> tODE Update` menu item:

ed05638 2 minutes ago Merge branch 'dev'
1021333 2 days ago debug `project load` and `project clone` commands
3e13e80 2 days ago implement `project clone` and `project lock`, augment `project load`
6b5969e 3 days ago correct the `break set` man page
81f0fcb 3 days ago found a couple of places where parent is wrong when looking at mounted directory nodes (happens when the mount name isn't the same ... methinks)
ea1042e 4 days ago dalehenrich/metacello-work#223: useNew instead of useIncoming
b737299 5 days ago Merge branch 'dev'

BTW, with these changes, the tODE instructions for the SerivceVM project ...


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