toward 5.0.1 - issues *not* resolved

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toward 5.0.1 - issues *not* resolved

Scott Wallace
Below are listed the 18 items currently on the etoys Tracker ( which are marked as targeted for the imminent "beginning-of-summer" bug-fix release, 5.0.1, but which remain unresolved.

Items on this list which do not get resolved in the very near future are not going to get fixed in 5.0.1.  So please consider this as a call for attention, comments, and action -- for these items and also, generally, for anything relating to the forthcoming 5.0.1 bug-fix update.

To see each item on the Tracker, you can use a url of the form "", and you can (hopefully) see the entire list at once on JIRA by following this link:


SQ-400  Screen refresh problem -- linux only

SQ-615 Camera support for all platforms
Bert's comment: "Need to make sure CameraPlugin is in Unix Squeak VM. In 4.4.7 it isn't."
SQ-869 Etoys To Go 4.1.1 throws an exception when you click on "Reset preferences on startup"

SQ-957 Fixing Sugar flap for preOLPC projects

SQ-960 Viewer in default project shows script category twice
This occurs only when the locale is Swedish and is because the same Swedish word is used as the translation for two distinct menu items occurring in the same menu.
SQ-994 AnimatedGif showing transparency

SQ-1004 Brush size 1 is missing in PaintBox - K. K. Subramaniam
SQ-1011 List of scripts presented in Viewer Scripting category includes invalid scripts
See discussion on the tracker about this.  Arguably not a bug.
SQ-1022 Error when toggling Supplies flap in Armenian locale
SQ-1034 Are we sure vocabularies are correctly integrated ?
SQ-1035 GraphPaper issues
SQ-1036 etoys typos
SQ-1047 Scratch Connect - When I connect to a Computers Public IP, Etoys takes a while to time out.
SQ-1051 Wrong translation for language name in dutch
SQ-1063 Tutorials and Demos landing page and projects need translations
SQ-1076 Show eyedropper cursor when mouse goes down in a modeless color picker
A fix for this was posted to the tracker quite a while ago, and it works as expected on Mac and Linux, but on Windows it appears to show two cursors.  Until this can be made to work properly on Windows, this "fix" remains stalled.
SQ-1092 Exception on loading project in Etoys 5.0

SQ-1100 accute char in VM / image path

  -- Scott

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