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transferring projects

Jerome Peace
>Bob Irving irvingb at
>Tue Apr 25 07:14:43 PDT 2006 Writes:

>What's the best way to transfer projects from
>computer to computer?

A: Which ever way works.

This sounds like an easy-once-you-know-the-trick

Things to try:

Lo-tech Sneaker net.
Store the project on a floppy or usb flash drive.

Remove. Walk on sneakers to destination machine.
Insert. Copy from floppy or usb flash drive.

Higher tech

Use a shared folder between the two machines.
Shared folder can be on either or both machines or
somewhere else accessible to both machines.

Many projects are published to the superswiki and then
available to all from there.

Let us know if any of this help works.

Yours in service, --Jerome Peace

P.S. I liked the email method you mentioned. The
problem was that the project files are binary files
probably being handled (and munged) as text. Sending
them as attachments might work better.

There is also uuencode and decode (a way to make
binary into text and then back into binary.) I suspect
in this day and age that the earlier solutions I
mentioned will be easier than this.

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