two (minor) suggestions for the webwerkstatt folder structure

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two (minor) suggestions for the webwerkstatt folder structure

Davide Della Casa
Hi All,

just to highlight two things that would make it easier for starters to jump in the project and get involved. You most probably already thought of these and just didn't come around to doing them, but just in case.

 - if the root only contained one index.xhtml page (plus folders), that would make such a difference to anyone trying the project out. It would also focus the efforts into having some kind of hub page that directs to all the main things (from stable to bleeding edge) that one can try. Like "Where you can go from here" paragraph, which would point (e.g.) to the user's directory, to a blank page, to exploring legacy worlds, to browse docs. That would entail moving the scripts, legacy pages and test pages into dedicated folders.
 - if all the user's directories could be in the "users" folders, that would single-handedly half the "clutter" of the root and it would enable the set-up to scale up for much longer.

I understand that in the scheme of a wide research project this is not important stuff, but just saying, those two things would make such a difference to new starters, I think.

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