unable to change CwToggleButton text color

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unable to change CwToggleButton text color

Tom Kao
I'm on VA Smalltalk version 9.1

I have a view with a bunch of AbtToggleButtonView.  I was able to change the backgroundColor using:
(self subpartNamed: 'TB1') widget backgroundColor: Color black.
but I'm not able to change the text color to a pale color when the background color is darker.  In fact, the text color remained black regardless of what I set it to, like this:
(self subpartNamed: 'TB1') widget foregroundColor: Color white.

(self subpartNamed: 'TB1') is a AbtToggleButtonView and (self subpartNamed: 'TB1') widget is a CwToggleButton.  Ideally, I like to set the colors to be:

(self subpartNamed: tbx) widget backgroundColor: aColor.
(self subpartNamed: tbx) widget foregroundColor: aColor listForegroundColor.

But the text color is black no matter what I do.  Is there a trick to setting the text color?

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