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understanding session / context

Siemen Baader
Hi all,

I'm having problems with the way that Iliad handles sessions and context. If I put a self halt into my widget code, self application, self context and self session are nil in the debugger, which they obviously are not at run time.

I can see in the code that they are implemented using ILCurrentContext, which indirectly subclasses Exception. I don't understand the code, but perhaps this is the reason they do not work very well with self halt and the debugger. They catch and resume exceptions.

Does anybody know why sessions are implemented in this way? Was it a clever way to do it in GNU Smalltalk where Iliad was implemented first, but not so much in Pharo?

And - can we / I do anything about it? It is actually a bit annoying because I need self application a lot in widgets, and I cannot live debug them because the session goes away in debug mode. I'm not sure if I could supply a reference to the application object on every widget creation. I think I tried it but found out that it was not always possible.


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