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Marcus Denker

Issue 425: TransferMorph eats events (Mantis #7251)
Issue 585: Add floatAt:bigEndian: in order to read IEEE 32 bits  
single  precision float in byte arrays
Issue 515: lowSpaceWatcher causes DNU interruptName:preemptedProcess:
Kernel-AlexandreBergel.260: the menu in pluggabletext editor has been  
extended with tallyIt
ScriptLoader-david_roethlisberger.761: fixed #loadOBAlpha and  
#loadSuperOB in ScriptLoader
        Tools-david_roethlisberger.141: extended SystemNavigation and ToolSet  
to browse
        implementors and senders in dedicated browsers instead of showing  
them in a generic
        message list browser
Traits-damiencassou.261: Implements TraitBehavior>>poolDictionaryNames  
for polymorphic use with classes

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