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using components

Gerardo Richarte
Forgot to ask before. In my tests of the RSSReaderComponent I just did

e add: (RSSReaderComponent newFor:

But I noticed I ended up with a bunch of instances of the component.
What's the standard way to use a component? Usually you add some sort of
instance variable to the App refering the component, instantiate the
component only once, and the refer to that instance?

And, something more stupid... If I wanted to add/remove a page from the
main menu in a Aida/Scribo site (like Introduction/News/Products/etc...)
how would I do it? When logged in, if I click on Pages I only get to
edit the First page, not the others. I did notice that if I add some
contents I can then see the page in the list of Pages, but there's no
way I can remove a page, is there? what about adding a new one?

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