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[vast:1] Still using IBM VisualAge® Smalltalk? Special Upgrade Offer

John O'Keefe-3
Dear Smalltalk User,

Now you can protect your important Smalltalk investments and extend the useful life of your systems
at a new low price. VA Smalltalk™ is Instantiations’ 100% VisualAge compatible, fully supported, and
greatly enhanced version of the software you already use and love. Since we acquired the rights to IBM
VisualAge Smalltalk in 2005 we’ve been steadily evolving and improving its capability and preparing it to
take you and your systems into the future.

For a limited time Instantiations is offering users of IBM VisualAge Smalltalk the opportunity to
upgrade to the latest version of VA Smalltalk for only $2495 per user (normally $6995)! All enhancements,
upgrades and a full year of enterprise-level support are included…and, as always, VA Smalltalk has no
runtime fees.

Migration from VisualAge to VA Smalltalk is fast, easy and provides many benefits including (read
our free Migration Guide):
  • Support for modern versions of popular operating systems
  • A full year of enterprise-level technical support, upgrades, and maintenance releases
  • The powerful Seaside open source web application framework
  • All the new features that have been added since your last IBM VisualAge release
    • IDE improvements -- VA Assist Pro integrated, Tabbed Browsers
    • New documentation system -- on-line and local with search capability
    • 64-bit platform support
    • Oracle 10/11 and DB/2 9 support
    • …and many more
Taking advantage of this offer is easy…simply call 1-855-4-SMALLTALK (toll free in North
America) or email [hidden email]. You can download a free evaluation copy of VA Smalltalk at
http://www.instantiations.com … and your purchase is completely risk-free with our 30-day money back guarantee.


Mike Taylor
President & CEO

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