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K K Subbu

The current practice of building all VMs (squeak, stack, cog, spur, ...)
with the same executable name ("squeak") is complicating the task of
building mimetypes, desktop launchers and binfmt auto loaders for
different image files.

This overuse is leading to layers of wrapper scripts to disambiguate and
match VMs to image files. An image is an executable file and it
shouldn't be this hard to start it.

I propose that the executable 'squeak' be reserved for the classic VM
only and use names like stack, cog, spur etc. for the newer VMs that use
a different image format. If later, cog evolves to handle older image
formats, then we can always copy (or link) it to 'squeak' name and have
cog check for 'squeak' in its argv[0] to turn on backward compatibility

If a newer VM cannot execute a magic file, then it should not share the
same name as the older VM which does execute it.

Regards .. Subbu