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Steven Kelly



the archives for [hidden email] and [hidden email] used to be available and searchable from http://parplace.net/, e.g. http://www.parcplace.net/lists/vwnc-archive , but are no longer there.


The vw-dev and vw-dev-ann lists are in theory available at http://lists.cincom.com/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo, but that requires a password, and the old system for vw-dev passwords on parcplace.net doesn’t work there, and there seems to be no mechanism to send me my password.


There are vwnc archives going back to 2008 at http://lists.cs.uiuc.edu/mailman/private/vwnc/. It requires a password, fortunately I had mine that the system created and sent me back in 2008; if you don’t know yours, it says it will sent it to you, but that doesn’t seem to work. Those archives are also not searchable, and are missing many years (I joined in 1999, I believe not long after the list started).


There are also archives of vwnc going back to 2005 on http://forum.world.st/VisualWorks-f1402296.html


Hopefully, someone (Pete Hatch?) still has the files with the full archives, so we can get things up and fully running again.


All the best,



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> [hidden email]] On Behalf Of Peter Hatch [[hidden email]]

> Sent: Friday, March 7, 2014 2:15 AM

> To: vwdev; [hidden email]; [hidden email]

> Cc: Rae McCarthy

> Subject: Important: List server maintenance



> Hi-


> The vw-dev, vw-dev-ann, and ost-dev email lists are being moved to

> another server and updated to operate using the GNU Mailman list

> manager.  This migration will result in a significant enhancements to

> the list services.  The conversion should be minimally disruptive.  As

> with all such things, there are bound to be a few [hopefully a *very*

> few] hiccups immediately following the conversion, and your patience

> and understanding will be greatly appreciated while we iron out any

> problems.


> To facilitate moving the archives, the current list service will be

> disabled at 2014-03-07T01:00:00Z.  I will post a message to the

> converted lists to notify you when each has been restored.


> Cheers,

> pete


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