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walkback in session start?

john cummings
hi all,

i'm working my way to become more familiar with seaside on dolphin
(seaside v3.0). i have successfully completed the todo app. now i have
started my own app using the todo app as a guide.

i am getting walkback (see below) in the session start. i have set my
app up similar to the todo. one thing i do notice is that when i go
back into seaside config the root class says "a JCBYCBi..." rather
than "JCBYCBi...", which seems to say an INSTANCE is in config rather
than a CLASS.

any help welcome,


        ^ decoration contents   <== decoration isNil

addDecoration: aDecoration
        "Add aDecoration to the receivers decoration chain. Answer the added
        | previous current |
        previous := nil.
        current := self decoration.
        [ current ~~ self and: [ self decoration: current shouldWrap:
aDecoration ] ] whileTrue: [
                previous := current.
                current := current next ].
        aDecoration setNext: current.
        previous isNil
                ifTrue: [ self decoration: aDecoration ]
                ifFalse: [ previous setNext: aDecoration ].
        ^ aDecoration

        ^ self rootDecorationClasses
                inject: self rootClass new
                into: [ :component :decorationClass |
                                addDecoration: decorationClass new;
                                yourself ]
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