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world on menu missing modem access alone

Paul Sheldon-2
I have been using croquet beta Americo course 1, however I've been
corresponding on some physics and not "playing croquet".

I got an idea for an experiment :
Putting a powerbook aluminum on a wifi network of mine (be it an
external airport express or the internal wifi) allowed me to demonstrate
a looking glass jump on my single powerbook aluminum and with single
image file with only 20 lines of squeak code, 10 lines per primative
virtual world.

I did not enable a wifi LAN but only had internet access.

This doesn't allow rabbit jump with internet WAN single image, though it
knows my temporary location in postcard as xml :
Navigator World

I know, from trustworthy sources, that were I to send that through e
mail or chat mechanism, someone might jump to me (I think I have to have
the hoster world up, somehow, just from its name). The HosterMaster
class method generates a world without menus about where you are.

Oh, to be somewhat clearer without forcing readers to go through the
course, here are 20 lines :

hm:= HosterMaster new openInWorld .
win1:= SystemWindow new.
lf1:= LayoutFrame new.
lf1 leftFraction:0.
lf1 rightFraction:1.
lf1 topFraction:0.
lf1 bottomFraction:1.
win1 setLabel: 'close the 2nd halo first HOSTER be pacient in the load'.
win1 addMorph: hm fullFrame:lf1.
win1 openInWorldExtent: 600@600.

nm:= NavigatorMaster new openInWorld .
win2:= SystemWindow new.
lf2:= LayoutFrame new.
lf2 leftFraction:0.
lf2 rightFraction:1.
lf2 topFraction:0.
lf2 bottomFraction:1.
win2 setLabel: 'close the 2nd halo first NAVIGATOR'.
win2 addMorph: nm fullFrame:lf2.
win2 openInWorldExtent: 600@600.