1.0-beta.23 released

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1.0-beta.23 released

1.0-beta.23 has been released:
    * port to Squeak3.9.1-final-7075, Squeak3.10.2-7179-basic,
Squeak3.10.2-Trunk-091128 and Squeak3.11-8931-alpha
    * add #unloadMetacello to MetacelloConfigTemplate?
    * fix  Issue25  "currentVersion cache is too sticky ..."
    * full frontal assault on findCurrentVersion and currentVersion
algorithms ... corner implementation with a brigage of tests
    * fix a bug in GoferResolvedReference?>>compare:using: related to
branch comparison found during frontal assault!
    * version #versionStatus provides additional info for using
    * deleted a bunch of methods (redundant, confusing, not
interesting and no longer used):
          o MetacelloVersion?>>isCurrentCovering:
          o MetacelloProject?>>currentVersionComparison:to:covering:
          o MetacelloProject?>>currentVersionCovering:
          o MetacelloProject?>>findCurrentVersion
          o MetacelloMCVersionSpec>>isCurrentCovering:
          o MetacelloMCVersionSpec>>isPartiallyCurrentAgainst:
          o MetacelloMCProjectSpec>>isCurrent
          o MetacelloProjectReferenceSpec?
          o MetacelloAbstractPackageSpec?
          o MetacelloMCVersionSpec>>isPartiallyCurrentFor:
          o MetacelloProjectReferenceSpec?>>isPartiallyCurrentUsing:
          o MetacelloMCProjectSpec>>comparePartialVersion:using:
          o MetacelloProject?>>partialVersionComparison:to:covering:
          o MetacelloMCProject>>projectPackage
          o MetacelloMCVersionSpec>>currentVersionComparison:covering:
          o MetacelloMCVersion>>currentVersionComparison:covering:
          o MetacelloVersion?>>currentVersionComparison:covering:
          o MetacelloProjectReferenceSpec?>>isPartiallyCurrentUsing:
          o MetacelloMCProjectSpec>>compareVersionForLoad:using:
          o MetacelloMCVersionSpec>>isCurrent
          o MetacelloPackageSpec?>>compareVersion:using:
          o MetacelloPackageSpec?>>isCurrentUsing:
          o MetacelloMCProjectSpec>>compareVersion:using:
          o MetacelloMCProjectSpec>>isCurrentUsing:
          o MetacelloAbstractPackageSpec?>>isCurrentUsing:
          o MetacelloGroupSpec?>>isCurrentUsing:
          o MetacelloProjectReferenceSpec?>>isCurrentUsing:
          o MetacelloProject?>>currentVersionComparison:to:
          o MetacelloVersion?>>isCurrent
          o MetacelloVersionSpec?>>isCurrent

This version may expose previously unseen configuration errors. Over
the weekend I check the MetacelloRepository configurations against 1.0-
beta.23 and fixed the errors that showed up in a couple of the
configurations. The errors that I've seen exposed have to do with
defining a group that references a non-existent package/project name:
the new currentVersion algorithm will find them:)

Part of the new currentVersion work, I've corrected some problems
related to loading project versions: in short the loaded version wins
when loading projects (as it should). As a consequence I've defined a
load conflict error that you may run into. The conflict error is

A load conflict will be generated if the currentVersion is ambiguous,
i.e., some or all of the loaded package versions fall in between those
specified in known versions. I assume that this condition is obscure,
but you never know. The idea is that if you get a load conflict error,
you probably need to figure out what needs to be loaded by hand..When
in doubt, you _can_ just continue and the loader will finish ...

I assume that we'll get some folks that run into this condition and
I'll be interested in characterizing the incident, either the checks
aren't correct or we've run into a true conflict. I've loaded Seaside
2.8, 3.0, Pharo, and Moose multiple times without hitting any