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[ANN][Dev-Images] February 2009 versions

Damien Cassou-3

I've just uploaded new dev and web images based on
Squeak3.9.1-7075, Squeak3.10.2-7179 and Pharo0.1-10231.

More information and download:
Pharo-based images can be downloaded at:

Download statistics at

Changes in this version:

- Pharo images are based on version 10231
- Polymorph fixes (by Gary Chambers)
- OmniBrowser changes (by David Röthlisberger)
  - Refactored auto-selection of list items to be easier extensible
  - Extended and improved traits integration (various new features)
  - Integrated OB patches done by various people
  - Improved compatibility to Polymorph (button colors, scrollbars)
  - Several defects corrected
- Magritte and Pier have been updated to version 1.1 (by Lukas Renggli
and Tudor Girba)

Contained packages:

This image contains the following packages (some packages are only in
the squeak-web image or 3.10-based images):

Aida version 5.6
Algernon version 1.2
AST version 160
AutomaticMethodCategorizer version 0.25
AutomaticMethodCategorizerOB version 0.2
DynamicBindings version 2.7
eCompletion version 0.102
eCompletion-Traits version 0.1
eCompletionOmniBrowser version 0.5
Installer version 4.3.284
KomHttpServer version 7.0.30
KomServices version 1.12
Magritte-Model version 1.1.331
Magritte-Seaside version 1.1.283
Magritte-Tests version 1.1.148
OB-Enhancements version 0.292
OmniBrowser version 0.436
OmniBrowser-Algernon version 0.5
OmniBrowser-Full version 0.27
OmniBrowser-Morphic version 0.74
OmniBrowser-Refactory version 117
OmniBrowser-Regex version 0.9.1
OmniBrowser-Standard version 0.389
Pier version current
Pier-Blog version 1.1.103
Pier-Documents version 1.1.7
Pier-EditorEnh version 1.1.17
Pier-Model version 1.1.263
Pier-Seaside version 1.1.331
Pier-Security version 1.1.119
Pier-Tests version 1.1.116
Polymorph EventEnhancements version 1.1
Polymorph Geometry version 1.1
Polymorph TaskbarIcons version 1.0
Polymorph ToolBuilder version 1.2
Polymorph Tools Diff version 1.3
Polymorph Widgets version 1.3
Refactoring Core version 17
RoelTyper version 0.60
RSRSS2 version
Scriptaculous version
ScriptManager version 0.6
Seaside version
Seaside-Adapters-Core version pmm.2.mcz
Seaside-Adapters-Swazoo version 9
Seaside-Squeak-Adapters version pmm.3.mcz
SeasideAdaptersCompatibility version pmm.1.mcz
Shout version 3.15-tween.72
ShoutWorkspace version 1-tween.4
SmaCC runtime version 13
Sport version 2.31
Squeak dev packages version 0.27
Squeak dev packages beta version 0.32
Squeak web packages version 0.2
SUnit-improved version 4.0.118
SUnitGUI-improved version 4.0.50
Swazoo version 2.1
Universes version 51
Universes OmniBrowser version 0.38
VBRegex version 1.9
YAXO version 14

Damien Cassou
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