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Hi everyone,

FlippingBook (http://www.page-flip.com) is powerful book-like preview  
of images. It provides a uge amount of settings and is not trivial to  
include on a webpage. You need to know a lot of it's implementation to  
make it work. Besides you have to do a lot of javascript. ...

FlippingBook for Seaside is a small wrapper that enables you using  
FlippingBook right away ... example:

html flippingBook
        addPage: '/images/page_one.jpg';
        addPage: '/images/page_two.jpg';
        width: 400;
        height: 100;
        flashUrl: '/files/FlippingBook.swf'.

That's it - The rest is done for you automatically. There are a lot of  
parameters like size, animation, shadows, reflection and many many  
more to set - if you need them ... documentation is provided in the  
code (class and method comments).

Download "FlippingBook" from "http://www.squeaksource.com/ 
SqueakAddOns". All javascripts and stylesheets are included. Still you  
need to download the bundle containing the flash-file. You can get it  
from "http://www.page-flip.com".

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