[ANN] Fortuna and RandomGenerator

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[ANN] Fortuna and RandomGenerator

Chris Muller
I have just posted the following packages:

  - Cryptography-RandomAndPrime-cmm.3
  - Cryptography-Core-cmm.18

RandomAndPrime refactors SecureRandom into the following hierarchy:


with a short, well-considered API.  RandomGenerator provides:

  nextBits:, nextBytes:, nextFrom:to:, and nextInt:

Subclasses must implement nextBits: and nextBytes:.

With these new versions, you may then load

  - Fortuna-cmm.5

which adds a Fortuna subclass exactly as specified by Practical

The changes to Cryptography-Core include:

  - implemented BlockCipherMode>>#destroy to avoid potential leakage.
  - minor improvements to CTR mode.
  - changed HashFunction>>#doubleHashMessage: to answer a ByteArray
(LSB first) intead of an Integer.

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