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Hi everyone,

MediaPlayers is a bundle of various web-media-players:
        JW Flash Player [ http://www.longtailvideo.com/players/jw-flv-player/ ]
        JW WindowsMedia Player [ http://www.longtailvideo.com/players/jw-wmv-player/ 
        FlowPlayer [ http://flowplayer.org ]
Supported formats are swf, mp3, mp4, h264, avi, mov, qt, wma, wmv,  
divx, and many more ... There are a lot of settings to play with - if  
you need to ... some of the players provide seaside-side control  
(play, stop) and event handling like #playButtonPressed.

You can use them with Seaside quite easily ... example:

html flashPlayer
        width: 640;
        height: 480;
        file: '/media/my-audio.mp3';
        flashUrl: 'resources/media/player.swf';
        onStop: [ :player | Transcript show: 'The client stopped listening at  
', player position, ' seconds of the movie'  ]; " ;) "
        onSeek: [ :player | ...... ];
        with: [ <show this in case there is no flash / js available> ].

html quicktimePlayer
        width: 640;
        height: 480;
        file: '/movies/my-movie.qt'.

Demos, examples and documentation are provided in the code (class and  
method comments).

Download "MediaPlayers" from "http://www.squeaksource.com/ 
SqueakAddOns". All javascripts and stylesteets are included.

Flash-based players like JWFlashPlayer or FlowPlayer require an  
additional flash-file and SWFObject2.1. SWFObject2.1 is placed in the  
same repository. Links to the flash-files are given in the class-
comment of each player. (a little inconvenience).

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