[ANN] New version of NamespacesBrowser, not announced.

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[ANN] New version of NamespacesBrowser, not announced.

Michael van der Gulik-2
Hi all.

I would like to announce a newer version of the NamespacesBrowser with a Namespaces implementation for Squeak.

However, this is not a real announcement. I can't get the package to load in 3.10. It's available from the UniversesBrowser in 3.10, but a bug somewhere, possibly in Monticello, means that classes in ToolBuilder-Kernel are not being properly recompiled so that bytecodes refer to the wrong instance variables. So... it's released, but it doesn't work :-). If you want to have a crack at getting it going, try recompiling all classes in ToolBuilder-Kernel.

This release introduces the concept of a versioned Package. This Packaging mechanism has been designed to ensure that code will be loaded and run in exactly the same environment that it was written and tested in. This is achieved by making inter-package dependencies based on exact versions of packages, and allowing multiple versions of the same package to be concurrently usable in an image.

This Namespaces implementation is a part of my SecureSqueak project. SecureSqueak is a project to create a Smalltalk environment based on Squeak which allows untrusted remotely loaded bytecodes to be executed in a secure sandboxed environment. SecureSqueak in turn is a component of my Unnamed Grand Project.

More information is available in the form of a brain dump at:


Michael van der Gulik <[hidden email]>
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