[ANN] Seaside 2.8.1

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[ANN] Seaside 2.8.1

Philippe Marschall

Seaside 2.8.1 is a maintenance realese for Seaside 2.8. It includes
small fixes and improvements. For more information see the changelog

You can get it from Universes, SqueakMap, or Monticello
(Seaside.lr-541). There you'll also find updated, matching versions
for Scriptaculous, Comet, Magritte, Pier and RSRSS. The OneClick image
has been updated as well.

- backported "enable the use of #with: in WATextInput and
WASubmitButton as a synonym to #text:, what is much more consistent"
- WAKomEncoded and WAKomEncoded39 startup issues fixed in Squeak 3.9.1 and 3.10
- WAKomEncoded and WAKomEncoded39 class comments improved
- some protability issues fixed
- implemented Downlevel-revealed Conditional Comments
- allow not in conditional comment
- fixes a nasty bug when backtracking an OrderedCollection
- some default action fixes
- immediately close the <link> tag if it is empty (some browser require that)
- added #with: to WAHtmlElement
- avoid that the dispatcher assigns the seaside logo to <h1>

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