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[ANN] Seaside 2.8.2

Philippe Marschall
Seaside 2.8.2 is the second maintenance relese for Seaside 2.8. It includes
small fixes and improvements. For more information see the changelog

You can get it from Universes, SqueakMap, or Monticello
(Seaside2.8a1-lr.563). There you'll also find updated, matching versions
for Scriptaculous, Comet, Magritte, Pier and RSRSS. The OneClick image
has been updated as well.

- fixed a bug introduced by a fix in Seaside 2.8.1 for the
WAKom/Encoded* when the port is given as a command line argument
- fixed a bug with cache headers pointing to the wrong day of week
- fixed WAFlowTest
- improvements to WASnapshot
- reworked some functional tests
- fixed WAApplication class >> #description is case the root component
is not set
- backported Roger Whitney's class comments from VW
- some fixes to #submitFormNamed:
- added #submitFormNamed: to radio buttons and select
- includes a backport of a patch to WAExternalId, reduces lock
acquisition time and lock
contention for WAExternalId.

We recommend this upgrade to anyone currently using Seaside 2.8 or
2.8.1 regardless of the Smalltalk dialect.

The Seaside Team
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